EKF is
in casting business for more than 40 years. one famous manufacturer for ductile cast iron products. A Leading supplier of a range of ductile cast iron fittings.

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BEST Quality

Not only do we own advanced equipment, but we also have an extremely experienced Engineering team who have been working in casting field for over 30 years.

Competitive Price

EKF is a leading manufacturer that provides the market with the best quality products at the most reasonable and competitive price.

On-Time Delivery

At EKF, Meeting customer’s expectations and delivery requirements is our top priority. As your orders are shipped accurately and arrive on-time.

Make your work better, faster and with the best price available

El Ekhlas Foundry

Based on Good Quality, Competitive Price and On-Time Delivery

customer satisfaction
Years of Experience
Years of experienced Casting field engineers
Happy Clients

Our products

Products range of diameters extends from nomnial size DN65 to DN1800 mm, with nominal pressure of PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25.

our vision

EKF’s vision is to be the leading supplier of a range of ductile cast iron fittings and valves products covering the infrastructure requirements of water and waste water sector.

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